Best Short

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Croissant - Conrotto Diaz

Bold Green - Selon Fischer

Stabilia - Mariama Slåttøy

Best Film

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Oltre la linea gialla


6 Love Stories

The Valentine's Day prize is dedicated to all the filmmakers who made a film that has, for our judges, a special connection with friendship, love and creativity. It is a spin off of the Carnival Edition, and then the winners of this edition will be screened in our event.
The candidates will compete in a special ranking that will be assigned the rankings.
We remind all members of MEDFF that the Valentine's Day Trophy is an additional gift and does not choose the winner of the Carnival Edition.


Best Idea/Acting

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Psycho Therapy




Lovely Video

final ranking


How to be a Homewrecker

Four Pies

Best Actors Vday

final ranking

Lizzy Auna

Alexandra Marcy

Celeste Casciaro


Philippe Wolczek

Antonio Colagrande

Gizem Erdoğan


The Best of...June 16 - February 17